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In our Training Center you can receive official AUTODESK certification.


A flexible system of discounts for our students. From 5 to 10% off for the next course in the course of the year.


Now students can get free AUTODESK software for 3 years.

ARTCLUB Academy courses



Polygonal props modeling

The course "STANDARD" is the basis for those who are taking the first steps in this new industry, creating computer games and movies. We work in 3D using two products: Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.



3D-modeling of mechanisms and characters

"PROFESSIONAL" course - for those who already have experience with 3D-graphics and want to learn how to model a character and technics by blueprints.



Characters sculpting in ZBrush

A distinctive feature of ZBrush is an imitation of the process of 3D-sculpture modeling, enhanced engine, three-dimensional rendering in real time, which greatly simplifies the process of creating the desired 3D-object.



Classic texturing and PBR- texturing of 3D-objects

The course includes elements of modeling, layout, texturing characters, environments, textures for the Unreal Engine, Unity. You will learn Photoshop on a professional level. The classes are considered the texture patterns of the modern games, the classic and the latest methods of texturing.



Rendering with 3dsMax/Maya/PBR/Mental Ray/Vray

The course is taught in Autodesk 3D Max / Maya programs and PBR programs. Visualization (rendering) is the process of obtaining images on the created 3D-model, or, in the language of computer graphics, this is the creation of a digital raster image developed by 3D-scene or object.



Сompositing in NUKE

Nuke is a compositing program and is used in processing, imposition of effects, final assembly of the captured video and film material, to create commercials, cartoons, movies, as well as for other tasks.



Collage/Pictures/Finalizing art

The course "digital graphics" is dedicated to collages and the basic skills of young artists. This course have some requirements – you need to be able to work on your tablet and in the graphical editor. If you have doubts about your skills, we’ll help you to recover your omissions.



Concept art in Adobe Photoshop

As a rule, a concept is created in the initial design stage, and is intended for use in films, video games, comic books before the creation of the final version. Also known as "concept design".



3D animation in Maya

This course is designed to familiarize with all the basic laws and principles of 3D animation, allowing novice animators to acquire basic knowledge and understand the constructive method of creating a motion.

How to enroll

If you want to register to the selected course, you can send a text message with your name, surname and the name of the course. 10 days before the start of the course, we will contact you and notify about schedule. You can also have a consultation by telephone: +38 (095) 498-84-43.

Requirements for students


You will need a processor Intel Core i3 x64 or later, 8GB RAM, and be able to work in Windows 7/8/10,  to install/remove programs and update them.

Graphic editor and tablet

For 2D-graphic courses and sculpting you will need a graphics tablet. It is also advisable to know the Photoshop (basic level at least).


For comfortable work with the program interface you will need at least elementary level of English. Not only interfaces and tips but also the best lessons are made on English.


You will need a 2GB USB flash drive to transfer files with your homework, as well as you will need an access to the Internet to communicate with the teacher.

About us

CG Academy was established in 2005 as a training center for developer companies, whose activities are directly related to the production schedule for computer games and advertising.

Today you have a unique opportunity to be trained in the most popular destinations in the area of digital graphics. Our experienced instructors are ready to share with you the latest technologies of creating art, not only for different genres of computer games, but also for other industries and areas of Production.

+ 38 (096) 228-21-29

+38 (095) 498-84-43


    All instructors are accredited by the Academy, they are high-class specialists, which directly related to the development and fill key positions in major companies in gamedev.


    All training takes place at our base. You do not need to take your laptops and other devices. Class is fully equipped with desktop computers and graphic tablets.


    All students who successfully completed our 3D-courses receive an international AUTODESK certificate, and on 2D-disciplines – Certificate of ARTCLUB Academy.